When you move to the new place, you probably have a thought of how this accommodation will look like. There is no need to panic because in this article we provide some tips that can help you turn any unattractive hovel into a fine adorable heaven. These easy, high-impact and uncostly ways of decorating can add your personal touch and refresh some not very pretty parts.

Moreover, we have one more advice for those people that want a prettified and cosy property without changing anything. You can simply visit our website, search for private rental properties in the Nigeria, pick the one that you like best and contact our manager. These easy steps will lead you to the home of your dream that you will get dealing with our professional team.

Make a sport bet in Nigeria

Turning back to the decorating, we want to admit, if you are renting a property, it does not mean you cannot upgrade it or make a bet on sport according to your taste. Do not be afraid of changing something if the changes you made do not transform your rental dramatically. 

 What can refresh a room more than plants? Pick some extraordinary flowers; they can make your home look renewed and green. You would never regret it because most plants are easy to look after and in case they will not last a year, you might have a warranty to bring them back. In addition, consider choosing some chic planters, not necessarily traditional ones, since the variety leaves space for imagination.

Annoyed by boring white walls that you see in every property? Add your personal touch by using washi tapes. You can create any graphic design and when you move out you can always take them with you. Furthermore, your best friend in decorating or hiding some improper furniture is a temporary wallpaper. Do not hate your walls, fridge or rustic cabinet. A contact paper can disguise any stains your rental has.


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