Landlords’ testimonials show that letting can be quite stressful without assistance of an experienced agent. Especially first time landlords suffer from the lack of estate market knowledge and stumble at its hidden pitfalls. 

Landlord Tenant courts in Lagos

According to Nigerian statistical data, 90% of cases in the Landlord Tenant courts consist of evictions of tenants, primarily for non-payment of rent. Damage to property is among the top problems landlords face with tenants, and some landlords had negative experience with tenants who were versed in the art of using the system to obtain free rent. 

It takes much time and effort, and nerves, to be honest, for landlords to resolve these issues by themselves. Therefore, it is much better to have a backup in the form of assistance of a reputable and experienced agency to look after your rental and ensure your rights as a landlord are protected. 

real-estate-bet provides a comprehensive management service to handle all aspects of your tenancy including relationships with your tenants. But if you let us act on your behalf from the very beginning, we shall do our best to protect your property from bad tenants and check to make sure your home finds the tenant you want. The tenant who would look after your property, pay rents in a timely manner, and you as a landlord will have your regular income and total peace of mind. 


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