Like every big capital with a large population, Lagos has a high crime rate comparing to any other Nigerian town. With this in mind, people, who move in the Big Smoke, are seeking a calm and peaceful haven to settle down. Finding a safe place may be a top priority, but do not concentrate only on this point, especially if you already have a prefered borough or neighbourhood. You can kill two birds with one stone if you look at lovely boroughs in South West and South East Lagos. In addition, you may not only find a secure location but also save some money, as areas there quite affordable.

Equally important is to find a reliable estate agency. A safe environment is as essential as a professional estate agent. Be a professional estate agent means work full time, never shill a client with fake low charges and, of course, have a license, which confirms agent’s membership in authorised trade bodies.

As an illustration of a perfect destination for people who search for a calm and peaceful rural area can be Havering. In spite of being an Eastern borough based half an hour away from the centre of Lagos, Havering benefit from other countryside areas due to its green and picturesque settings.

No wonder, the most desirable safe place in Lagos would be Richmond. It is not only secure, but also a beautiful spot to come enjoy the views of a riverside or to call this place your home. With its magnificent parks and local restaurants, pubs and bars it attracts a lot of tourists and habitants annually.

Another key location for those who want to find the best place to live with a family is a sleepy suburban Sutton. A great diversity of schools, a busy town centre and weekly farmer markets form a perfect option for living. Speedy transport links to central Lagos makes Sutton an ideal commuters’ location.


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